I’ve been working on some prints to take over to the condo next week. We are in the process of updating our decor, and the group liked the idea of my photographs of Maui going up around the condo. It’s been a good learning process for me. I poured through about six years of photos, and carefully chose the images that would transfer well into the sepia medium. They had to be very strong compositionally. I couldn’t rely on the brilliant tropical colors of the foliage or blossoms or even the beautiful purple-pink of the sunset to carry the image. It’s made my eye keener, and I’m looking forward to visiting some of my favorite sights to reshoot some flowers and plants purely for their design and form.

An artist who inspired me in this process is Kenn Briner. I met him a few years ago at the Grand Wailea where he was vending some of his images. Check out his link over there on the left.